Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye "An Origin Story"


This poem begins with a familiar face, Sarah Kay. She stands next to one of her friends Phil Kaye. Sarah first addresses the fact that her and Phil have the same last name. The rest of the poem is about how they met. They're not siblings, boyfriend and girlfriend, or childhood friends but a lot of their lives are similar. They begin by talking about their childhood. Where they're from, where their parents are from. Not only is the last name the same, but their mom is Japanese and their dad is jewish. Coincidence?
The good thing about this combo of Phil and Sarah is that they balance each other out. Sarah is more formal while Phil adds comic relief. The poem ends with both of them talking about friendship. They explain how friends are always there for you and that you can hold their hand, "They won't let go."

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