Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This Moment - Igor Oro

         This poem starts out by the speaker asking something of the audience, he makes them think about who they are. This is the beginning. His posture and the way he presents himself to the audience is very melancholy. He isn'y forcing his emotions into the audience, but more so giving himself to them if they'd like to accept. The middle of the poem begins when he describes not who you are, but what you'll have to do. Essentially, you figure out towards the end that those mean the same thing because it is what you do during that middle part and how you handle hardships which will determine who you are. The ending is marked when he is no longer trying to be subtle, instead he tells it like it is and fills people in on what kind of person they could be. He plays with rhymes throughout the entire poem, which can seem a bit corny and almost take away from the very dull tone of the poem, but it works with the way the speaker articulates himself.

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