Sunday, November 1, 2015

Social Media, Race, and Disney Princesses

I found this website which contains a variety of media from weekly podcasts to a library of poetry. I really liked this podcast (from the weekly podcast Poetry Off the Shelf) in particular because it discusses current issues we live through on a daily basis and see a lot through social media which incorporates poetry into a discussion. The two hosts of this episode are young poets from diverse backgrounds and have a lot to say on racism and show how social media can expose a much wider audience to poetry who would probably have never read it in a book. Here is a poem, which relates to current situations, like the Syrian refugee crisis:

Your Village by Elana Bell
Once in a village that is burning
      because a village is always somewhere burning
And if you do not look because it is not your village
      it is still your village
In that village is a hollow child
      You drown when he looks at you with his black, black eyes
And if you do not cry because he is not your child
      he is still your child
All the animals that could run away have run away
      The trapped ones make an orchestra of their hunger
The houses are ruin      Nothing grows in the garden
      The grandfather’s grave is there      A small stone
under the shade of a charred oak      Who will brush off the dead
      leaves      Who will call his name for morning prayer
Where will they — the ones who slept in this house and ate from this dirt — ?

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